Free Falling

In March Useless Lines received the following comment on the blog in relation to M16 Artspace in Griffith:

m16 is in free fall ………… stragetic plan – lost or given up – board disconect – no communication / gallery fee rip off for incomplete service – no/ little advertising / crap signs / no marketing / the most stinken toilets in a public institition in Canberra / grumpy people / no future / simple stuff made to look hard / disfunction / dumb

Having not been to M16 for some time I have to say I was pretty concerned. Following such a victory for the organisation as a complete revamp and relocation (see HERE) it’s alarming to think that all may not be well. Have any of you been to or had any shows there recently? How was your experience? This is one organisation we don’t want to lose!

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