The long light, the glittering road. This week I’m looking forward to the launch of an exhibition that I’m a part of – the end result of a project that has unfolded over a number of months. Wordsmith is an exercise in pairing artists with writers, and I was honoured to be invited to take part by […]

In March Useless Lines received the following comment on the blog in relation to M16 Artspace in Griffith: m16 is in free fall ………… stragetic plan – lost or given up – board disconect – no communication / gallery fee rip off for incomplete service – no/ little advertising / crap signs / no marketing […]

There’s nothing like a good list to end the year. Here’s my top ten for 2010 – not just exhibitions or artists but also a few ‘things that happened that were pretty great’ in no particular order. Obviously it’s not exhaustive, but in the interests of not exhausting you, dear reader, we’ll keep it to […]

It’s opening week at the new M16 Artspace, and stress is hanging in the air. The drill is whirring in the gallery, while workmen scurry about, putting the finishing touches on the building before Friday’s grand opening. M16 Director Joseph Falsone and Exhibition Manager Janice Kuczkowski are worn thin, having been plowing through 60-hour weeks […]

Emma Beer, Jessica Herrington and Natalie Mather are three emerging painters who, although having distinctly different styles and approaches, share a love for all that is raw, messy, and often less than pretty. Capitalising on this common ground the three Canberra artists have developed the exhibition Just A Little Bit Precious under the banner of […]

Hardware, maths and arm wrestling. That’s what real men are made of. Benjamin Forster, Robbie Karmel and TJ Phillipson are a group of local artists questioning and exploring what it is to be men in their exhibition Musk at M16 Artspace. All three are well known about town for their tongue in cheek cultural appropriations and […]

Reflex is the most recent exhibition at M16 Artspace, being a selection of kinetic and interactive sculptures by Canberra artists. Despite being tempted by Friday night offerings of a different variety (pub, dinner, pub) I rallied myself and made it along to the opening. My efforts were not wasted: for the most part my expectations […]

High expectations were set for Twist Wall + Fever at M16 Artspace, as Richard Blackwell, Tim Dwyer and James Langer are three guys who demand to be noticed. Paired with Dan Lorrimer, undergrad from the Sculpture department at the ANU, the resulting exhibition was full of surprises. Firstly, Dwyer was a breakaway favourite. I knew […]