• Events for August / September | (22 August, 2018) - I’ve got two very different events coming up – but each as interesting and relevant to my preocupations as the other. Firstly, Saturday August 25th I’ve been invited by the Molonglo Group to speak on art, gentrification and development (a recurring theme for me lately). It’s part of a series of workshops and presentations they’re […]
  • Upcoming Events | (21 August, 2017) - A bit of a late winter flurry… August 24th This Must Be The Place – Narrabundah College arts alumni evening. more info here I’ll be MC on the night, interviewing graduates about their creative paths since college and sharing some of my own stories too. August 26th Millennials Strike Back – panel for the Griffith […]
  • Exiting Utopia – Girls Rock! Canberra | (16 July, 2017) - I’ve been coordinating Girls Rock! Canberra (GR!C) for the past few months, and talking about the program with founder and director Chiara Grassia since the start of the year (or the end of last year, it’s fuzzy now). The 2017 session wrapped yesterday – a showcase gig after a full and very busy week of […]
  • New work in Griffith Review | (9 May, 2017) - After a great many months in progress I can now share the new piece I’ve written for Griffith Review, for their current edition ‘Millennials Strike Back’ – Navigating Life In Art. It’s my attempt at working through some of the big things I’m processing around my working life at the moment – the things I’ve done and the […]
  • Reflection / Resolution | (4 April, 2017) - As 2017 began the year ahead seemed like a single mass, dense and empty. It was like looking into the sky or deep, deep water – distances perhaps close or far, impossible to judge, impossible to know how to feel, to act. I feel so tiny, and so average, at this point of time. Any […]
  • New Year, New Writing, New Interview | (7 March, 2017) - Writing is a slow-burn gig, that’s for sure. Early this year I’ll be seeing the big reveal of few things I worked hard on in 2016, while some other new works come together seemingly overnight. One such piece is The Old Lady Cat, published by Feminartsy. It’s a memoir piece, about a cat, which sounds awful […]
  • The Big Comedown – Canberra Arts Funding | (22 December, 2016) - It’s so completely boring, the continual demand on the arts sector to state its case and argue to exist. It’s boring and offensive – a total waste of time and energy. I resent writing this now. I resent thinking about it. But since learning of the complete shambolic outcome of the ACT’s most recent arts […]
  • Vale Eden Waugh | (7 December, 2016) -   Seven years ago I wrote a short post here on my site about the work of Eden Waugh. Today and yesterday it has attracted a lot of attention, sadly due to the release of Eden’s name as the victim of a murder early last month. Between the news story and my post there’s not much […]
  • Interview in Her Canberra Magazine | (9 June, 2016) - A few months ago I was asked to be one of the featured artists in Her Canberra’s ‘breaking the mould’ edition. I was chuffed, and then even moreso when I found out the calibre of the company I would be keeping in those pages. It was great to chat to Josephine Walsh about some of my […]
  • Upcoming Events | (27 September, 2015) - Next week is BIG. On Wednesday evening I join The Childers Group to facilitate ‘We Should Talk’ – a session for emerging arts leaders in the ACT. With this event the Childers crew are test-driving a new model of informal discussion and networking that they hope to manage alongside their major events and ongoing advocacy. […]
  • The Chop Shop – Don’t Stop | (24 July, 2014) - We hear again and again that Canberra is a ‘cultural capital’, that it’s ‘vibrant’, ‘artistic’, ‘unique’. Come for a holiday! We say. Come here to live! Go to our universities! Unfortunately for us, no city ever became a vibrant cultural capital because of its fire regulation adherence, because of its perfect egress, because the ceilings […]
  • Recent Writings | (2 July, 2014) - A few things are up and about at the moment. First of all, some poetry. This year marks the first time I’ve shared my poetry publicly, or in fact with anyone. Terrifying. Thank you to Verity La for publishing my first tiny piece 8am and to Grapple for publishing Four Days in the lead up […]
  • To Festivals I’ve Loved Before – You Are Here 2014 | (12 March, 2014) - Usually this time of year I am over-caffienated, harried, hardly sleeping and excited to the point of nausea. Usually this time of the year I am producing a festival. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 I co-produced Canberra’s You Are Here festival. Now the festival continues, but with a new team of producers and new funding […]
  • Critics Why, What For and Where Even Are You? | (15 October, 2013) - …Hopefully at this on Friday. This year The Childers Group has decided to tackle ‘The Role of the Critic’ at their public forum. And they have very kindly asked me to facilitate the discussion for them. My panel is a list of Canberra heavyweights and the list of attendees is pretty stellar itself, but we […]
  • Bloom Festival 2013 | (15 September, 2013) - Thirty two years ago today Gorman House Arts Centre – back then the Gorman House Community Arts Centre – was declared open. Five months ago, I started working there, and next weekend we party. Friday 20 September and Saturday 21 is our annual Bloom festival, across both Gorman House and Ainslie Arts Centres – just […]
  • Reviewers of the Future | (16 June, 2013) - I have a new gig. A real, full-time, desk-sitting, time-sheeting gig. For two months now I’ve been program manager at Gorman House Arts Centre and Ainslie Art Centre in Braddon. As with most artistically minded Canberrans Gorman House has played a big role in my life, and I’m so excited to be able to help the organisation […]
  • As of April | (6 April, 2013) - You Are Here 2013 is done, my third and final turn as co-producer. Cue violins and hand me a tissue. I can’t even begin to tell you what an impact this festival has made on my life, professionally and otherwise, in no small part due to the huge number of incredible individuals I have had […]
  • On The Side | (14 November, 2012) - “If it matters, it’ll get done. If it doesn’t get done, it didn’t matter enough.” Author Chester Eagle (stolen from Rachel Power’s fantastic book The Divided Heart) After what has been a long drought between posts I’m excited to report I have a new project to add to the menagerie, as though I wasn’t busy […]
  • Because The Night Belongs To (Art) Lovers | (24 August, 2012) - CAPO29 is fast approaching and now is the time to nab a ticket. For those who need to be brought up to speed here, CAPO is the Contemporary Arts Patrons Organisation – a volunteer non-profit organisation that has supported the ACT region’s artists for 29 years.  Since establishment in 1983, CAPO has disbursed over $1.8 million […]
  • All The Young Dudes | (3 August, 2012) - I’ve just gotten off the radio speaking to Greg Bayliss of ABC666 about a great little event I’m a part of tomorrow. Belconnen Arts Centre is presenting ‘The Next Gen’ – a Young Artists Forum, as a great way for art lovers to hear about the charms and challenges of being a young artist in […]
  • He Said, She Said – The Childers Group Forum | (25 April, 2012) - As promised to some folk following the event, here is the discussion paper I gave at last week’s Childers Group Forum. I prefaced the five minute talk by pointing out that this is NOT my area of expertise, but as the theme was ‘burning issues and radical ideas’ I decided to go right ahead a […]
  • Twenty Twelve So Far | (12 April, 2012) - April brings with it the 3rd anniversary of this little blog. That also means that if I stretch the number of posts I’ve made (155 or so) across those three years you get a very poor average in terms of update rates. Tsk. If you’ve got time to kill (and can’t possibly find anything better […]
  • The Childers Group – Public Forum Numero Uno | (28 March, 2012) - Over the past months you may have heard murmurings about The Childers Group, and it’s possible you let those murmurs wash over you willy nilly because a name like The Childers Group sounds rather like the everyday kind of ‘group’ that are likely to be building the latest dubiously named boutique apartment complex or megalithic […]
  • Get To It – Critical Animals 2012 | (25 March, 2012) - As the sun sets on You Are Here 2012 things are just heating up for another very special festival – Newcastle’s This Is Not Art. As a co-director of Critical Animals (which makes up one third of the This Is Not Art family), my job is to remind you all to get amongst it. Critical Animals […]
  • And Then It Was Done – You Are Here 2012 | (23 March, 2012) - You Are Here, the festival I co-produce alongside talented rapscallions David Finnigan and Adam Hadley, is done for this year. Here’s a quick debrief I put together for our friends at BMA Magazine: After approximately 45 events across ten days You Are Here 2012 is done. Our gorgeous Newsroom has been cleared, cleaned and the […]
  • You Are Here 2012: A Message From the Front Line | (8 March, 2012) - The things we have seen. If there’s something this festival has taught me, taught all of us, it’s that you never truly know a place. There are always people you haven’t met yet. Always hidden spaces, around the next corner, on rooftops, down corridors and underground. Layer upon layer of history behind the facades. You […]
  • Upcoming – Pagan Pop | (26 September, 2011) - It’s a project that’s been brewing for a while, but my exhibition Pagan Pop is now just around the bend. I’m honoured to be working with nine incredible artists on the show: Celeste Aldahn, Tamara Dean, Julia deVille, Jessica Herrington, Robbie Karmel, Owen Lewis, Kate Rohde, Helen Shelley and Marian Tubbs. Here’s how I’ve tried […]
  • You Are Here Ever After | (24 September, 2011) - Just the other day I stumbled across this article while catching up on the not-latest edition of BMA magazine (sometimes I read back issues to find out all the stuff I’ve missed out on. What? Does no one else do this?). It’s a rundown from Glen Martin – Canberra muso, writer, manager of Pecha Kucha […]
  • We Were There | (19 September, 2011) - I must admit, We Are Here caught my eye primarily due to the title’s uncomfortable similarity to a certain large-scale project I’ve been working on for the past twelve months. I read about it because I was annoyed, I decided to go because it looked really good. A symposium/conference of sorts for artist-run initiatives (ARIs) […]
  • TINA Calling | (17 September, 2011) - It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of This Is Not Art – you may recall me raving about it here back in 2009 and again last year. This year, being that I’m now on the board of co-directors, I feel I’m obliged to be a little less gushy. Or I oughta be. But I just […]
  • This Is Not Happening | (7 July, 2011) - This Is Not Art is in trouble. The iconic experimental arts festival that has electrified Newcastle every year since 1998 is under threat following an eleventh hour funding announcement of the not-so-helpful variety. Sheesh. When I took the gig as co-director of Critical Animals (one of TiNA’s sub festivals) I certainly never thought that a […]
  • You Are Here – In Real Life | (1 June, 2011) - You Are Here feels like an eternity ago now. I keep catching myself saying ‘last year’ when referring to it, when it was, in fact, just over two months ago. Sheesh. I’ve been wanting to look back over my experience of producing the festival here on the blog, but where do I start? How about […]
  • Print Makers Vs. Musicians | (7 May, 2011) - Ahh. An old building is ripe for the taking in Canberra and everybody wants it. In this case at least ‘the arts’ got a look in from the outset, in line with the ACT Government’s dream that the Kingston foreshore should magically become an ‘arts precinct’. (Sarcastic? Me?) Many of you will know that particular […]
  • I, Pecha Kucha | (6 May, 2011) - As I clawed my way to the end of the You Are Here festival I was approached by Glen Martin, Pecha Kucha Canberra coordinator and all-round creative powerhouse, to give a presentation about my experiences. I said yes immediately because I felt like debriefing after the festival and, well, I guess I like the sound […]
  • Self-Important Milestones | (21 April, 2011) - While I was completely preoccupied with The Madness That Was I missed a lot. In particular a few birthdays of very patient and forgiving friends. I also missed THE SECOND BIRTHDAY OF THIS BLOG!! (pause for applause) Well that two years went by quickly. But a lot of things have changed. Regulars will know that […]
  • IT IS HERE | (9 March, 2011) - facebook See you here
  • Critical Animals 2011: Calling For Proposals | (1 March, 2011) - Nerd alert!! Critical Animals, the critical research component of This Is Not Art, is now seeking proposals for this year’s instalment of the festival. A coincidence that you are reading this now and that I am a co-director? Probably not. Hop on over to the CRITICAL ANIMALS SITE for all the whats, whens and hows. […]
  • You Are Here | (10 February, 2011) -
  • Not Drowning, Waving. | (1 February, 2011) - “Because social change doesn’t always start with a wave…sometimes it starts like a ripple in a bath tub, a red herring which no one believes in until they’re swimming home” Quote on The Red Herring Café business card, Unknown source Vanessa Wright’s story about The Red Herring is out today in the freshly minted BMA. […]
  • You Are | (27 January, 2011) -
  • I’m An Animal | (26 January, 2011) - A Critical Animal! Imagine my shock, delight and self-doubt attack when I was successful in my application to join the board of directors for the legendary This Is Not Art festival. Little ol’ me, and a twelve-year-old festival of radness. Hyperventilate now. Last weekend was the first TINA Org meeting for 2011, gathering the sub-festivals […]
  • Where Am I? | (17 January, 2011) - So many hats to wear! And I don’t even look good in hats. 2011 finds me writing, editing, curating, writing, writing and working on a number of other projects that keep me awake of a night. In the words of Garth Algar, “I’m having a good time”. Hm. The most exciting of these is coming […]

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