You Are Here – In Real Life

You Are Here feels like an eternity ago now. I keep catching myself saying ‘last year’ when referring to it, when it was, in fact, just over two months ago. Sheesh.

I’ve been wanting to look back over my experience of producing the festival here on the blog, but where do I start?

How about here, with an interview I gave to Grace Keyworth after all the dust had settled. In this video she also speaks with Andrew Barr, Minister for Tourism, about the Enlighten festival.

What I didn’t really express there was what a flipping amazing time I had. Between Creative Producer David Finnigan, our incredible Tech Coordinator Anthony Arblaster, our team of amazing festival coordinators and super-designers New Best Friend I couldn’t have asked to be surrounded by more capable, inspiring, dedicated downright treasures of creative genius. Pair that with the glittering universe of artists who were involved and our brave audiences it was always going to be all good. Ah hindsight.

When people ask me what my favourite part of the festival was I say one of two things. Either I explain to them that I missed most of the festival on account of doing everything else but seeing the events (hanging artworks, assembling fencing, cleaning toilets etc) or I tell them it was Ceasefire (or whatever we called it).

The reason for this is that it really summed up a lot of what we wanted You Are Here to be. Hijacking public space, ambushing unsuspecting audiences, turning art into everything that art isn’t meant to be, dropping the facade, the high polish, the pomp and ceremony and maybe having fun. Another prime example has to be when George Edwards, Chris Finnigan and theatre lads The Landlords gave the fine folk waiting to cross Akuna Street something to be excited about other than the little green man appearing:

But fun and dancing aside, we boasted some amazing art from all mediums. Everything from the visual to the perfomative, from music to poetry and every other kind of non-categorisable weirdness. And bicycles and rollerskates. Don’t ask me why, ask ‘why not?’

You can check out more videos from the You Are Here YouTube stream HERE

And some photos from events HERE

But as for whether we will be doing it all again – well, that remains to be seen.

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