I’ve always loved words, and subsequently art with text. I’m pretty much mad for it. It makes sense then that I should be interested in zines, but the truth is I’m relatively new to the zine universe and am finding its breadth and scope a little overwhelming. But I’m chipping away at the iceberg, taking […]

By all accounts, the 2010 Canberra Zine Fair was crazily good. And it will be again next year, and the year after, and after etc etc. A huge thankyou to everyone who travelled from far and wide to have and stall and to attend. Here are just a few shots from the day, courtesy of the […]

It’s close now – the new and improved Canberra Zine Fair, brought to you by the ACT Writers Centre and Canberra Contemporary Art Space. There are over 35 stalls now: interstate guests and homegrown love. I don’t know how it’s all gonna fit in the gallery but we’ll make it work dammit. Get yourself to […]

A slow start today – thanks for nothing daylight savings! THE CRACK ATTIC First up is my panel – Review Review. I am assembled with three other arts reviewers and we spend an hour nutting out our purpose for being. It’s good to question yourself sometimes, but whether or not it was of any value […]