It’s a project that’s been brewing for a while, but my exhibition Pagan Pop is now just around the bend. I’m honoured to be working with nine incredible artists on the show: Celeste Aldahn, Tamara Dean, Julia deVille, Jessica Herrington, Robbie Karmel, Owen Lewis, Kate Rohde, Helen Shelley and Marian Tubbs. Here’s how I’ve tried […]

Way way back in October last year the ANU School of Art  ran a three day symposium on abstract painting. Collectively, the symposium and its associated exhibitions were called This Way Up. And I couldn’t have been happier. Y’see, for readers who don’t know me (??) paint is my achilles heel. It’s an attraction that […]

You Are Here feels like an eternity ago now. I keep catching myself saying ‘last year’ when referring to it, when it was, in fact, just over two months ago. Sheesh. I’ve been wanting to look back over my experience of producing the festival here on the blog, but where do I start? How about […]

As I clawed my way to the end of the You Are Here festival I was approached by Glen Martin, Pecha Kucha Canberra coordinator and all-round creative powerhouse, to give a presentation about my experiences. I said yes immediately because I felt like debriefing after the festival and, well, I guess I like the sound […]

While I was completely preoccupied with The Madness That Was I missed a lot. In particular a few birthdays of very patient and forgiving friends. I also missed THE SECOND BIRTHDAY OF THIS BLOG!! (pause for applause) Well that two years went by quickly. But a lot of things have changed. Regulars will know that […]

A Critical Animal! Imagine my shock, delight and self-doubt attack when I was successful in my application to join the board of directors for the legendary This Is Not Art festival. Little ol’ me, and a twelve-year-old festival of radness. Hyperventilate now. Last weekend was the first TINA Org meeting for 2011, gathering the sub-festivals […]

So many hats to wear! And I don’t even look good in hats. 2011 finds me writing, editing, curating, writing, writing and working on a number of other projects that keep me awake of a night. In the words of Garth Algar, “I’m having a good time”. Hm. The most exciting of these is coming […]

There’s nothing like a good list to end the year. Here’s my top ten for 2010 – not just exhibitions or artists but also a few ‘things that happened that were pretty great’ in no particular order. Obviously it’s not exhaustive, but in the interests of not exhausting you, dear reader, we’ll keep it to […]

Ah. My 100th post. In the absence of any better way to commemorate this non-event, and as a means of greeting some of my most recent readers, join me for a saunter down the haphazard streets of memory lane… Uselesslines started off with plenty of rants, including bemoaning the pigeonholing of women in graphic design, […]

Well, call me crazy but I’ve given up my day job. After three-and-a-half years with the good people at Canberra Contemporary Art Space I’m going it alone. Freelance. Self-employed. Entrepeneur. All those fancy words for people who work in their pyjamas. I’m looking forward to being able to offer Canberra my skills as an independent […]