After a great many months in progress I can now share the new piece I’ve written for Griffith Review, for their current edition ‘Millennials Strike Back’ – Navigating Life In Art. It’s my attempt at working through some of the big things I’m processing around my working life at the moment – the things I’ve done and the […]

Writing is a slow-burn gig, that’s for sure. Early this year I’ll be seeing the big reveal of few things I worked hard on in 2016, while some other new works come together seemingly overnight. One such piece is The Old Lady Cat, published by Feminartsy. It’s a memoir piece, about a cat, which sounds awful […]

The long light, the glittering road. This week I’m looking forward to the launch of an exhibition that I’m a part of – the end result of a project that has unfolded over a number of months. Wordsmith is an exercise in pairing artists with writers, and I was honoured to be invited to take part by […]

A few things are up and about at the moment. First of all, some poetry. This year marks the first time I’ve shared my poetry publicly, or in fact with anyone. Terrifying. Thank you to Verity La for publishing my first tiny piece 8am and to Grapple for publishing Four Days in the lead up […]

I have a new gig. A real, full-time, desk-sitting, time-sheeting gig. For two months now I’ve been program manager at Gorman House Arts Centre and Ainslie Art Centre in Braddon. As with most artistically minded Canberrans Gorman House has played a big role in my life, and I’m so excited to be able to help the organisation […]

While I was completely preoccupied with The Madness That Was I missed a lot. In particular a few birthdays of very patient and forgiving friends. I also missed THE SECOND BIRTHDAY OF THIS BLOG!! (pause for applause) Well that two years went by quickly. But a lot of things have changed. Regulars will know that […]

Recently I bought groceries on credit. It was a pivotal moment, and as I swiped that plastic I experience a flash forward montage detailing the beginning of the end. I’d always scoffed about people shopping on credit, never thinking for a second that I’d be doing the very same. But only recently I’d taken a […]

Ah. My 100th post. In the absence of any better way to commemorate this non-event, and as a means of greeting some of my most recent readers, join me for a saunter down the haphazard streets of memory lane… Uselesslines started off with plenty of rants, including bemoaning the pigeonholing of women in graphic design, […]