As some of you have garnered from the previous post, I snuck away to Sydney last week for a whirlwind art safari. Given the limited time (and budget) I barely scratched the surface of what was on offer, but a few quick thoughts follow… ARTSPACE People joke about the snobbery to be met in Sydney […]

Headed back to Sydney last week just in time to catch Canberran Rosalind Lemoh at Grantpirrie, opening alongside Hossein Valamanesh and Peter McKay. (The two gentlemen are both incredible in their own right, but I focus on Lemoh here because I can partially credit her with my recently-found ability to fully appreciate sculpture. I’m slow, […]

Well, not quite, but I have seen two drawing-dedicated exhibitions in as many days. First, the M16 Drawing Prize, and then, I Walk The Line at the MCA. I Walk The Line was super-hyped for me. As such, I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed once I’d done my turn. Maybe it wasn’t as […]

I scrambled to Sydney to make it in time for the very last day of Tim Johnson: Painting Ideas at the Art Gallery of NSW. I know appallingly little about Johnson, but after seeing a few examples of his work at The National Portrait Gallery I knew I had to see this show. I am […]

About a year ago I stopped buying a number of well-known womens’ fashion magazines. Magazines rot your brain anyway, but really I had become fed up with their coverage of art. To begin, I don’t think fashion magazines should even really bother fluffing around with the arts, or global politics for that matter, but for […]