Artist, performer and writer Samuel Townsend is a longtime friend and collaborator who seems to excel at whatever they put their mind to and creative energies toward. Photography has been core to Samuel’s artistic practice for many years, and it meant a lot to me to be asked to write for this latest body of […]

It seems an age ago now that I first came across the work of Julia Boyd – while I was trespassing in the halls of the photomedia department at the ANU School of Art – and included her work in my first ever curatorial undertaking Borderlife. In those four years Boyd has been everywhere, and […]

…When I first began to go to Belconnen it always felt like Summer. The grass seemed always burnt and weakly green, the air shimmered, affording the outlaying hills with an almost tender haze. It was cool inside those 70s brick houses, but sweaty inside strange beds. Warm beers would condensate aside cold backyard pools, car […]

Photographers: quit fiddling with your tumblr and get thee to the School of Art Gallery. Hijacked 2: Germany and Australia, which opened on Wednesday evening, has descended on this town with little fanfare yet boasts a staggeringly good collection of photomedia artists. Just for starters some of the Aussie photographers assembled for the show are […]

If the Canberra-centric artwork in my previous post (courtesy of one Lee Grant) struck your fancy then this might do it for you too: Canberra Contemporary Art Space Director David Broker is exercising his curatorial prowess with his new exhibition Canberra: Low Life. This expose of the city and people that exist behind the public […]

Where has Lee Grant been all my life? This Canberran photographer is my latest art crush, and it’s serious. Grant recently completed a Masters from the ANU School of Art and I can’t believe I missed her graduate exhibition. Art fail of the year. She triumphs in that special brand of social documentary photography that […]

There are many photographers who try and do what Erica Hurrell does. The documentary tradition is a repackaging of reality that often sees aspiring photographers fall short of the mark, but a precious few are effortlessly able to combine the seductive exoticism of unseen worlds with the suffocating familiarity of common experience. Hurrell is one […]