Prolific local painter Rachael Freeman is currently on show at CCAS Manuka. Through an impressive array of new works Freeman demonstrates that her signature landscape/abstraction ¬†hybrids are continuing to evolve, yet remain as luminously captivating as ever. In a departure from the moody ominousness of earlier series, this latest body of works feature shards of […]

Helen Shelley leaves other figurative painters for dead.¬†In her latest exhibition Immortality Without the Assistance of God Shelley presents us with a brooding suite of half-portraits. I say half-portraits because in each of these the subject is presented eyes closed, presumably mimicking death, perhaps sleep, pain or pleasure, or an unspecified combination of all. If […]

Fellow ANU School of Art alumnus Clare Thackway is currently exhibiting recent works in Broken Hearted Attack, on show at Blindside in Melbourne. Thackway is an artist of formidable talent and her readiness to explore personal worlds in her painting results in works that are thoroughly engaging and devastatingly beautiful. I was thrilled when Clare […]

After a day of rigorous installation for Borderlife (see previous self-promotional post) I hardly felt like attending a Tuesday night exhibition opening. (Well actually a closing, but all the same really.) But I dragged my sorry self over to Craft ACT Craft and Design Centre for drinks to celebrate the exhibition Epidemic – containing the […]

WARNING the following post contains unbridled gushing. Uselesslines apologises in advance for any nausea caused. 2009 has been the year (although it is only three quarters through) I’ve decided Sidney Nolan is my absolute favourite Australian painter of all time. (Possibly even absolute favourite Australian artist hands down, but let’s not be too hasty.) The […]

I scrambled to Sydney to make it in time for the very last day of Tim Johnson: Painting Ideas at the Art Gallery of NSW. I know appallingly little about Johnson, but after seeing a few examples of his work at The National Portrait Gallery I knew I had to see this show. I am […]