A slow start today – thanks for nothing daylight savings! THE CRACK ATTIC First up is my panel – Review Review. I am assembled with three other arts reviewers and we spend an hour nutting out our purpose for being. It’s good to question yourself sometimes, but whether or not it was of any value […]

DAY 2: SATURDAY It’s pouring outside. All the better for locking down and talking about the state of the arts in the cosy, albeit incredibly humid,  indoors. TOTORO’S TEA HOUSE Punters who aren’t too hungover gather en masse at the tiny tea house to discuss DIY projects and Artist-Run-Initiatives. Among the panel are members from […]

First impression of Newcastle: it’s like the Canberra of my dreams. Two things that are refreshing about this city: The heady sea air Things have been allowed to grow old, therefore allowing the place to ooze character and charm  What immediately struck me about This Is Not Art was how many spaces had been made […]

As of Thursday I am setting off on a mighty mission to Newcastle to attend the annual This Is Not Art festival. Every year I mean to go, and every year I don’t, but thankfully this year I gave myself the good kick in the pants I needed. I’m looking forward to cheering along the […]