Site specific artworks, and exhibitions that exist outside of a gallery context, are fickle beasts. When they work, they are fantastic, thrilling – a revelation. The trouble is, they often don’t. This conundrum is currently being brought to light by the Canberra Glassworks, who have handed the reins to independent curator Narelle Phillips for their […]

Last night TJ Phillipson unveiled his second solo exhibition in the space of four months – There Is Fire Down Below. Despite this brutal turnaround time he has managed to draw together another show of never-before seen, staggeringly well executed and searingly smart ideas. The bastard. Where his December show Semblance was brooding and streamlined, […]

Lucy Quinn, Bettina Hill and Benjamin Forster make a formidable, multi-talented trio. To kick off 2010 the three have forgone a flashy parading of new work in favour of a collaborative effort that is less about endings and outcomes than about examining the act of making. Connected presents the spoils of a series of kitchen-table […]

As I adjust the final lighting and pack away the tools I can’t resist letting you know that Blaze 4 opens tomorrow night at Canberra Contemporary Art Space Gorman House and it is looking mighty fine. For the unenlightened, Blaze is an annual show-off show case of emerging artistic talents in Canberra, and, well, it’s […]

When National Portrait Gallery Curator Michael Desmond first saw Shepard Fairey’s now famous Obama ‘Hope’ poster he was caught between two emotions. Excitement that the mainstream exposure of Fairey’s work would make it easier to successfully mount an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, and a tinge of sadness that one of his favourite artists […]

Helen Shelley leaves other figurative painters for dead. In her latest exhibition Immortality Without the Assistance of God Shelley presents us with a brooding suite of half-portraits. I say half-portraits because in each of these the subject is presented eyes closed, presumably mimicking death, perhaps sleep, pain or pleasure, or an unspecified combination of all. If […]

Fellow ANU School of Art alumnus Clare Thackway is currently exhibiting recent works in Broken Hearted Attack, on show at Blindside in Melbourne. Thackway is an artist of formidable talent and her readiness to explore personal worlds in her painting results in works that are thoroughly engaging and devastatingly beautiful. I was thrilled when Clare […]

Reflex is the most recent exhibition at M16 Artspace, being a selection of kinetic and interactive sculptures by Canberra artists. Despite being tempted by Friday night offerings of a different variety (pub, dinner, pub) I rallied myself and made it along to the opening. My efforts were not wasted: for the most part my expectations […]