One of the most common misconceptions about art making is that for artists it is ‘easy’ or comes naturally. Many practitioners will in fact attest that nothing could be further from the truth, and certainly, during my short-lived career as a painter, the art making process was less impassioned frenzy and more blood from stone. […]

Well, not quite, but I have seen two drawing-dedicated exhibitions in as many days. First, the M16 Drawing Prize, and then, I Walk The Line at the MCA. I Walk The Line was super-hyped for me. As such, I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed once I’d done my turn. Maybe it wasn’t as […]

Images of Laith McGregor’s drawings have been everywhere lately, but they hadn’t really made an impact on me until just today, when I finally sat up and took notice after seeing Woke On A Whale Heart. He must be a grower, because now I can’t stop looking at these images, and have been trying to […]