It’s a project that’s been brewing for a while, but my exhibition Pagan Pop is now just around the bend. I’m honoured to be working with nine incredible artists on the show: Celeste Aldahn, Tamara Dean, Julia deVille, Jessica Herrington, Robbie Karmel, Owen Lewis, Kate Rohde, Helen Shelley and Marian Tubbs. Here’s how I’ve tried […]

Just as the ANU School of Art Grad Show symbolically closes the end of the art year in Canberra, Blaze, the Canberra Contemporary Art Space’s emerging artist showcase, begins a new one. Pretty well all of Canberra’s best art exports have exhibited in one of these over the last five years, so it’s the way […]

Overheard at the opening of Cave: ‘It’s all a bit hippy trippy, isn’t it.’ A quick scan of the exhibition: crystals, glitter, stone circles and an actual cave, complete with fog. Yes. Yes it is. But there’s a lot more going on here. Cave is Jessica Herrington’s exercise in artifice – a wickedly gleeful tour through poetics […]

Well, call me crazy but I’ve given up my day job. After three-and-a-half years with the good people at Canberra Contemporary Art Space I’m going it alone. Freelance. Self-employed. Entrepeneur. All those fancy words for people who work in their pyjamas. I’m looking forward to being able to offer Canberra my skills as an independent […]

Holed up painting in Armidale, Leah Bullen scaled back the size of her work and began using masonite boards as a ground. When she did, everything clicked. A few years ago the Canberra-based Bullen turned to imagery from the media – newspapers, television broadcasts – as subject matter for her painting practice. Shutterbug, currently showing […]

By all accounts, the 2010 Canberra Zine Fair was crazily good. And it will be again next year, and the year after, and after etc etc. A huge thankyou to everyone who travelled from far and wide to have and stall and to attend. Here are just a few shots from the day, courtesy of the […]

It’s close now – the new and improved Canberra Zine Fair, brought to you by the ACT Writers Centre and Canberra Contemporary Art Space. There are over 35 stalls now: interstate guests and homegrown love. I don’t know how it’s all gonna fit in the gallery but we’ll make it work dammit. Get yourself to […]

There are many photographers who try and do what Erica Hurrell does. The documentary tradition is a repackaging of reality that often sees aspiring photographers fall short of the mark, but a precious few are effortlessly able to combine the seductive exoticism of unseen worlds with the suffocating familiarity of common experience. Hurrell is one […]

Only recently departed for Sydney, painter Helen Shelley returns to Canberra this month with Death Proof. Readers may recall her previous solo exhibition, Immortality With Out The Assistance of God, as one of the standout shows of 2009. Now, leaving figuration for er..dead, Shelley has thrown herself into a series of chunky psychedelic abstractions, boasting […]