When it comes to the excellently conceived and curated group exhibitions, Canberra Museum and Gallery has outdone itself of late, demonstrating the institution’s essential role in an arts landscape that its larger cousins would like to think they dominate. This time around, it’s Mark Bayly at the curatorial helm for Word of Mouth – Encounters […]

My review of Canberra Museum & Gallery’s nostalgia-filled  Altered States exhibition, which might’ve flown under your radar. For this and a look at what else is happening around the place check out the first edition of Exhibitionist for 2011 – off street stands or over HERE. Major exhibitions at Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG) have […]

There’s nothing like a good list to end the year. Here’s my top ten for 2010 – not just exhibitions or artists but also a few ‘things that happened that were pretty great’ in no particular order. Obviously it’s not exhaustive, but in the interests of not exhausting you, dear reader, we’ll keep it to […]

Last month I went along to the opening of Something In the Air – Collage and Assemblage In Canberra Region Art at the Canberra Museum and Gallery. I had seriously high expectations, but can gladly say these were met and exceeded. I really need to make a few more visits before I feel I have […]

I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming exhibition at Canberra Museum & Gallery: Something In The Air – Collage and Assemblage in Canberra Region Art. The show opens this coming Friday and reads like a text book on the Canberra art scene of the past few decades. The sizable list of names includes Rosalie Gascoigne, […]

Here at Uselesslines the year of Sidney Nolan continues… Once upon a time, in the outskirts of Canberra, a new gallery was built in the heritage grounds of Lanyon. It was the Nolan Gallery – opened by the man himself, after he donated a large collection of his early paintings to the Australian People. The […]