Just the other day I stumbled across this article while catching up on the not-latest edition of BMA magazine (sometimes I read back issues to find out all the stuff I’ve missed out on. What? Does no one else do this?). It’s a rundown from Glen Martin – Canberra muso, writer, manager of Pecha Kucha […]

“Because social change doesn’t always start with a wave…sometimes it starts like a ripple in a bath tub, a red herring which no one believes in until they’re swimming home” Quote on The Red Herring Café business card, Unknown source Vanessa Wright’s story about The Red Herring is out today in the freshly minted BMA. […]

My review of Canberra Museum & Gallery’s nostalgia-filled  Altered States exhibition, which might’ve flown under your radar. For this and a look at what else is happening around the place check out the first edition of Exhibitionist for 2011 – off street stands or over HERE. Major exhibitions at Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG) have […]

For whatever reason I decided from the outset that this blog was going to be dedicated only to visual art in Canberra. As I write this I realise I’m not even sure what ‘visual art’ really means, but rules and categories make the world and a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. […]

We interrupt this intermittently updated blog for a very important announcement! From September 1st I step up to bat as the new Editor of Exhibitionist. An indispensable fortnightly guide to arts in Canberra, Exhibitionist is a part of longstanding independent street press BMA. Exhibitionist’s founding Editor and all-round art star Naomi Milthorpe has done an […]