Ooo Err! The latest issue of Australian Art Collector magazine features a double-page spread on Owen Lewis – the rapscallion! Owen is a local favourite – awesome in every way and makes a fine Mojito. I wrote about him before he was famous… Children posses the enviable ability to find all sorts of uses and […]

Last week I went along to the final incarnation of the Phoenix Prize for Spiritual Art at the School of Art. This award has been wildly popular over the last three years – artists see it as a chance to show in the beautiful SoFA gallery and to be in the running for a bit […]

For reasons unbeknownst to me I often struggle with video art, finding myself reluctant to invest the concentration that is often required to engage properly with such works. Because of this, I was completely thrown by how strongly I was drawn to an installation I saw at M16 Artspace by Lucy Quinn, and have hardly […]