One of the most common misconceptions about art making is that for artists it is ‘easy’ or comes naturally. Many practitioners will in fact attest that nothing could be further from the truth, and certainly, during my short-lived career as a painter, the art making process was less impassioned frenzy and more blood from stone. […]

“Only something so meaningless could mean so many things at once.” Muniz, Vik “the image within, Reflex, A Vik Muniz Primer,” aperture foundation, 2005, New York, pg.39 ch4. (referred to by the artist in the statement accompanying the exhibition) Artists who bemoan the limitations of shoestring budgets or the constraints of family and working life […]

As I adjust the final lighting and pack away the tools I can’t resist letting you know that Blaze 4 opens tomorrow night at Canberra Contemporary Art Space Gorman House and it is looking mighty fine. For the unenlightened, Blaze is an annual show-off show case of emerging artistic talents in Canberra, and, well, it’s […]

Every now and again there pops up an artist who shows an incredible quiet audacity in their approach to both concept and material. They often work on a small scale, employing involved, repetitive processes, everyday objects and humble materials. They create artwork that is a little bit cheeky, a little amusing, impossibly sad and at […]

High expectations were set for Twist Wall + Fever at M16 Artspace, as Richard Blackwell, Tim Dwyer and James Langer are three guys who demand to be noticed. Paired with Dan Lorrimer, undergrad from the Sculpture department at the ANU, the resulting exhibition was full of surprises. Firstly, Dwyer was a breakaway favourite. I knew […]

Headed back to Sydney last week just in time to catch Canberran Rosalind Lemoh at Grantpirrie, opening alongside Hossein Valamanesh and Peter McKay. (The two gentlemen are both incredible in their own right, but I focus on Lemoh here because I can partially credit her with my recently-found ability to fully appreciate sculpture. I’m slow, […]

Well, not quite, but I have seen two drawing-dedicated exhibitions in as many days. First, the M16 Drawing Prize, and then, I Walk The Line at the MCA. I Walk The Line was super-hyped for me. As such, I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed once I’d done my turn. Maybe it wasn’t as […]

I scrambled to Sydney to make it in time for the very last day of Tim Johnson: Painting Ideas at the Art Gallery of NSW. I know appallingly little about Johnson, but after seeing a few examples of his work at The National Portrait Gallery I knew I had to see this show. I am […]

Despite having one of the worst exhibition titles ever, and being accompanied by some extremely patronising marketing, the exhibition Soft Sculpture is a real coup for Canberra. The good people at BMA magazine kindly arranged for me to visit the National Gallery of Australia to meet with Lucina Ward, exhibition Curator… Breasts. Feathers. Plastic bags. Felt. […]

Images of Laith McGregor’s drawings have been everywhere lately, but they hadn’t really made an impact on me until just today, when I finally sat up and took notice after seeing Woke On A Whale Heart. He must be a grower, because now I can’t stop looking at these images, and have been trying to […]