The Here & There collective seem pretty well unstoppable, but with tireless energy and an apparently inexhaustible flow of good ideas, why would anyone want them to? Fresh from turning everyone’s favourite local coffee hole (Lonsdale Street Roasters) into a cracked Winter wonderland for Cold Sweats, Here & There’s next tour of duty is Crush, which opened […]

Way way back in October last year the ANU School of Art  ran a three day symposium on abstract painting. Collectively, the symposium and its associated exhibitions were called This Way Up. And I couldn’t have been happier. Y’see, for readers who don’t know me (??) paint is my achilles heel. It’s an attraction that […]

December 2010: we all discover there is a mysterious, cavernous and unoccupied auditorium space on the rooftop of a Canberra CBD building. Before we know it the space is proffered to students from the ANU School of Art to do as they will, and a night of artwork, bands and hijinx ensues in the form […]

There’s nothing like a good list to end the year. Here’s my top ten for 2010 – not just exhibitions or artists but also a few ‘things that happened that were pretty great’ in no particular order. Obviously it’s not exhaustive, but in the interests of not exhausting you, dear reader, we’ll keep it to […]

Letters, the second instalment of nomadic ARI Here and There, took place last Friday complete with cosy fire, a giant pot of soup, beautiful people and beer a plenty. Hospitality at its best, no small thanks to hosts Kalina and Brendan (your living room made an amazing gallery!) Text in art is a particular fondness of […]

Photographers: quit fiddling with your tumblr and get thee to the School of Art Gallery. Hijacked 2: Germany and Australia, which opened on Wednesday evening, has descended on this town with little fanfare yet boasts a staggeringly good collection of photomedia artists. Just for starters some of the Aussie photographers assembled for the show are […]

Local art collaborative Here and There are going their own way. Tackling ongoing issues of space availability in Canberra the Here and There crew have turned to the humble home as a venue for their DIY exhibitions. The inaugural exhibition Not Yet featured Helen Braund, Daniel Edwards and Jennifer Edmunds, and now they present Poppy […]

Lucy Quinn, Bettina Hill and Benjamin Forster make a formidable, multi-talented trio. To kick off 2010 the three have forgone a flashy parading of new work in favour of a collaborative effort that is less about endings and outcomes than about examining the act of making. Connected presents the spoils of a series of kitchen-table […]