Find a space, make things happen. For a small show that was only up for two-and-a-bit days Double Hitch really made an impression on me and many other folk in the scene. Check out the lovely lines Annika Harding wrote about it on her site The Write Art and add her to your list of […]

“Only something so meaningless could mean so many things at once.” Muniz, Vik “the image within, Reflex, A Vik Muniz Primer,” aperture foundation, 2005, New York, pg.39 ch4. (referred to by the artist in the statement accompanying the exhibition) Artists who bemoan the limitations of shoestring budgets or the constraints of family and working life […]

As I adjust the final lighting and pack away the tools I can’t resist letting you know that Blaze 4 opens tomorrow night at Canberra Contemporary Art Space Gorman House and it is looking mighty fine. For the unenlightened, Blaze is an annual show-off show case of emerging artistic talents in Canberra, and, well, it’s […]

Every now and again there pops up an artist who shows an incredible quiet audacity in their approach to both concept and material. They often work on a small scale, employing involved, repetitive processes, everyday objects and humble materials. They create artwork that is a little bit cheeky, a little amusing, impossibly sad and at […]