History / Culture

  • The Chop Shop – Don’t Stop | (24 July, 2014) - We hear again and again that Canberra is a ‘cultural capital’, that it’s ‘vibrant’, ‘artistic’, ‘unique’. Come for a holiday! We say. Come here to live! Go to our universities! Unfortunately for us, no city ever became a vibrant cultural capital because of its fire regulation adherence, because of its perfect egress, because the ceilings […]
  • For Love of a Bus | (5 November, 2013) - Day in, day out, I walk and ride my bike past the yellow double-decker bus in Braddon. I don’t know what it’s doing there. I do know that it’s a Leyland Titan, OPD2. Probably made in the 1940s or 50s. Ex-NSW Department of Government Transport, fleet number 2721. I know that in 1975 it was […]
  • You’re not the only one who feels this way – Canberra Punk at CMAG | (23 October, 2013) - In August 2011 I found myself sitting with Chris Shakallis in the home of Robina Gugler, drinking tea and eating tim tams. Robina had pulled a selection of publications out from her personal stash – early 80s editions of Ripchord and Stilletto magazines/street press – and I was in heaven. Unfolding before me in these […]
  • Cracks In The Masterplan | (13 June, 2013) - This is the last piece of writing about Canberra I’m going to do for now. A commission by Neil Hobbs for the Centenary edition of Landscape Architecture Australia magazine, which is out now. I think I’ve said about all I wanted to say about this little place. For the moment.   Cracks in the Masterplan […]
  • Dreamer’s Gate | (6 May, 2013) - Yesterday, on my first ever trip to Collector, NSW,  I saw Dreamer’s Gate. There are many mentions online about this eerie construction, asserting itself in the landscape, standing stark in the dusty golden light and in full view of the local pub, but I hadn’t read any of it. I was taken aback by the […]
  • Can we talk about Lonsdale Street Traders without using the ‘H’ word? | (7 December, 2012) - My partner’s dad, my son’s grandfather, lived on Lonsdale Street as a child. His dad was a body builder (as in car bodies, not gym bodies) and Braddon being the industrial hub for all thing auto, he worked in garage there while the family lived upstairs. Earlier this year I was working at a shop […]
  • The Institutionalisation of the Burger | (22 September, 2011) - So Canberra has this long-suffering burger van called Brodburger. It’s a little red number, decked out with fairy lights like a gypsy caravan, and it sits down by the lake offering some of the best food-from-a-van anywhere in the world. The van started business in March 2009, and exploded in popularity. You’d think the good […]

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