Poetry and creative writing

  • Disaster’s Hearth | (1 December, 2020) - ‘Disaster’s Hearth’ was written as part of the ‘Art on Fire’ book and exhibition project for Braidwood Regional Arts Group. If you can’t get a copy of the book you can read my essay here.
  • The Normalisation of Awful | (10 May, 2019) - “It was profound to me, that life could be improved by such small increments and simple measures. It was sobering too, that so many other women might never consider the notion of change, might never be encouraged to.” The Normalisation of Awful was an essay I wrote in 2017 for the wonderful Overland Literary Journal. […]
  • Navigating Life In Art | (10 February, 2019) - …Together Alive at the Same Point in Time. “my attempt at working through some of the big things I’m processing around my working life at the moment – the things I’ve done and the things I’d like to do, how to get from here to there, and how to work around or through everything else along […]
  • Birth Story / Black Cockatoo | (24 January, 2017) -   This time last year I was waiting for my second child to be born, due on Australia day. No one actually expects their baby to arrive when it’s due. I spent the night before lying on a carefully arranged pile of pillows, trying to coax the baby into optimal position, reading articles about Invasion […]
  • Way With Words | (19 August, 2014) - The long light, the glittering road. This week I’m looking forward to the launch of an exhibition that I’m a part of – the end result of a project that has unfolded over a number of months. Wordsmith is an exercise in pairing artists with writers, and I was honoured to be invited to take part by […]
  • Recent Writings | (2 July, 2014) - A few things are up and about at the moment. First of all, some poetry. This year marks the first time I’ve shared my poetry publicly, or in fact with anyone. Terrifying. Thank you to Verity La for publishing my first tiny piece 8am and to Grapple for publishing Four Days in the lead up […]
  • Canberra’s Just A Place Somewhere | (2 May, 2013) - This time last year, in preparation for the birth of our little one, my partner and I attended a weekend long childbirth workshop in some attempt to de-mystify what is one of life’s most inconceivable (ha) experiences. A great deal of that weekend was spent learning the fine art of relaxation, through breathing, meditation and […]
  • Lee Grant – Belco Pride | (29 September, 2012) - …When I first began to go to Belconnen it always felt like Summer. The grass seemed always burnt and weakly green, the air shimmered, affording the outlaying hills with an almost tender haze. It was cool inside those 70s brick houses, but sweaty inside strange beds. Warm beers would condensate aside cold backyard pools, car […]

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