Dionisia Salas – Rules of Engagement

“The accessibility and flexibility of printmaking Salas demonstrates in her work is deeply appealing. After all, these are traits that can be easily forgotten in certain tracts of the field. For the painter, print processes provide discipline and an order of operation–all welcome boundaries to push within. At every point, Salas’ careful and calculated image structure is belied by her works’ uncontainable, irresistible vivacity…”

Dionisia Salas_Satin Ground_2017_ oil pastel, screenprint, lino, woodblock and bootprint on marbled paper_110x80cm
Dionisia Salas, ‘Satin Ground’ 2017


Following my 2017 article on Alison Alder for UK-based magazine Printmaking Today I was invited to write for them again. My mind went immediately to Dionisia Salas – an artist I’ve known for a number of years, and whose work I’ve watch evolve into a singular style that embraces the best of painting and printmaking, while refusing to be bogged down by either. To me, she’s one of the most exciting artists working today. It was an honour to delve into this longform piece about her practice to date. It was also a mission, to juggle our work commitment and both of our sets of babies/tiny children to find time to have the kinds of conversations this kind of writing commands. But we did it!

The article first appeared as ‘Pattern Play’ in issue #107 (Autumn 2018) of Printmaking Today magazine. Please settle in and read the full piece HERE.

For more info, and more images of Salas’ work, check out her website.

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