New work in Griffith Review

After a great many months in progress I can now share the new piece I’ve written for Griffith Review, for their current edition ‘Millennials Strike Back’ – Navigating Life In Art. It’s my attempt at working through some of the big things I’m processing around my working life at the moment – the things I’ve done and the things I’d like to do, how to get from here to there, and how to work around or through everything else along the way.

In the piece I use my relationship to my friend and collaborator David Finnigan as a point of reference, or narrative tool, or something. I wanted to compare the pathways of two people from similar backgrounds and experiences, two sides of the same coin perhaps. I wanted to tease out some of the ways gender impacts upon our decisions and destinies. I don’t feel like I did any of this particularly well, but read for yourself and see what you think.

In associated with the edition Griffith Review is hosting a launch event in Canberra on May 21st at Muse Bookshop and I’ll be on a panel discussing some of the themes around the millennials theme. Details here, so maybe see you there?

Lastly, I’m excited to be helping out with Girls Rock! Canberra in the lead-up to their second annual camp, this July. In my opinion this is one of the most amazing initiatives to come out of Canberra in recent years, and one I wish had been around when I was young. If you don’t know about it yet, check it out and make your day.

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