New Year, New Writing, New Interview

Writing is a slow-burn gig, that’s for sure. Early this year I’ll be seeing the big reveal of few things I worked hard on in 2016, while some other new works come together seemingly overnight. One such piece is The Old Lady Cat, published by Feminartsy. It’s a memoir piece, about a cat, which sounds awful but it’s probably not what you think (or maybe it is?) have a read and see.

Forthcoming is a profile I’ve written on printmaker and personal hero Alison Alder, for Printmaking Today magazine. And an overview of the history of the Australian National University School of Art for Art Monthly. I’ll link to both of these when the time is ripe.

Last month it was nice to do an interview for a friend as part of her  ‘Creative Collective’ series. Thinking over her questions was a good way to get my head in the game for the new year and what’s to come. Read the interview here. It was a bonus that she’s quite good behind a camera.


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