Upcoming Events

Next week is BIG.

On Wednesday evening I join The Childers Group to facilitate ‘We Should Talk’ – a session for emerging arts leaders in the ACT. With this event the Childers crew are test-driving a new model of informal discussion and networking that they hope to manage alongside their major events and ongoing advocacy. I’ve loved participating in their sessions in the past but this one is close to my heart, dealing with questions around career development in the arts and navigating that sticky middle-world of being neither really emerging or established, glass ceilings and imposter syndrome etc. I HEAR THAT. The event has been pulled together by Jack Lloyd and I join Rosanna Stevens and Michael Bailey. Pretty solid gang there. Register now to come along.

4-6pm Wednesday 30 September, Canberra Museum and Gallery. More info can be found on The Childers Group site.

Then, at the week’s end I take a This is Not Art road trip for the first time in quite a few years, joining Crack Theatre Festival to present a seminar/workshop on grant writing. In that session I’ll take people through some grant ‘how to’s’ and ‘how not to’s’ but we’ll also talk a bit about the role of grants and I’ll share some thoughts from other arts and theatre-world professionals to unpack what can be a contentious part of the industry. To compliment we’ll do a bit of work on writing about your artistic practice, which I know can be a harrowing and discombobulating experience. Anyhow, come hang out if you’re up TINA way. I’ll share some notes and resources on here following the event, so sit tight.

12-3pm Saturday 3 October, ‘The Production Hub’. Visit the Crack event page for full info.

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