Good girl, George.


It seems like an eternity ago now that I first wrote about George Rose’s work. I had stumbled across a zine that caught and held my attention – I knew nothing of its maker. But I tracked her down and the rest is history. I worked on three You Are Here festivals with George, as both an artist and a designer, and she is one of the hardest-working and multi-talented individuals I have the pleasure of knowing. She took off to Melbourne about six months ago now, but the lady is Canberra to the core, and has returned home to present us with her debut solo exhibition. Months of making has gone into this body of work, wildly traversing mediums – everything from video to sign-writing to ceramics to electronics, from art to design to art again.

Back in 2010 Roses’ work was text heavy, and now it’s heavier still. There are more words and they are more cutting. That’s what I like about this work. On one hand Rose’s art is cheeky, exuberant and twee, but just when you’ve relaxed a little she’ll backhand you with one of life’s harsh realities so your heart goes cold and your mouth grows dry. Saying the things that we’re all thinking, written out plain as day.

George Rose – Anger Management and the Importance of Personal Hygiene is on show at the Nishi Gallery*, New Acton until October 23. Check out more from George at

*Kudos to New Acton for the Nishi gallery space, unveiled at Rose’s opening tonight. Excellent proportions and light. My only two cents would be don’t do hanging rails, as I’ve heard is promised! Flexible space is everything in this tiny town.



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