And Then It Was Done – You Are Here 2012

You Are Here, the festival I co-produce alongside talented rapscallions David Finnigan and Adam Hadley, is done for this year. Here’s a quick debrief I put together for our friends at BMA Magazine:

After approximately 45 events across ten days You Are Here 2012 is done. Our gorgeous Newsroom has been cleared, cleaned and the keys returned. We are still busily gathering our final facts and figures, but initial counts show at least 5000 folk joined us for the ride, both from Canberra and further afield. That doesn’t take into account those strewn around the country and the globe who have been checking out photos and videos of our events and sending Canberra love via the internet, wishing they were here with us.

You Are Here will be happening again in March next year, in the culmination of Canberra’s birthday celebrations. As we are an initiative of the Centenary of Canberra this will mark the end of the You Are Here three part series in its current form. But don’t fret – in between planning the 2013 festival we are looking at ways to take You Are Here into 2014 and beyond – the whats, wheres, whys, whos and mostly – hows. In the meantime we are tying up loose ends, thinking back across the ten days past, and nursing nasty head colds.

Thankyou to everyone who joined us for You Are Here 2012 – it’s been amazing.

My personal highlights for You Are Here 2012 include:

  • Proving that sport and art can co-exist, and damn happily at that, in the form of one of the most ridiculous and outstanding events ever hosted by the festival – B-Ball Band Bash (Prison Rules)
  • Sending an incredible brass band parading up Petrie Plaza on a miserable Thursday eve, marking the start of a treasure chest of amazing that was Horseface Ethel and Her Marvellous Pigs in Satin
  • Venus Mantrap does Martha Wainwright at same said event
  • Transforming an old laneway into the perfect beach scene. When passersby asked ‘what’s happening in there?’ replying ‘a beach party’ and watching their faces go from confusion to a higher understanding and then delight
  • Shakespeare playing basketball at same said event
  • The fact that the Tragic Troubadours gave one-on-one poetry performances for over 400 commuters at the Civic Bus Interchange during the morning and afternoon peak hours
  • Watching the ANU bar fill up with lovers of punk from all generations and some of the most legit individuals this town has ever seen for Canberra Punk & Beyond’s Rock Against Boredom Revisited
  • Pairing herbal tea and experimental electronica to devastatingly good effect for Gunpowder Temple of Heaven at Canberra Museum and Gallery
  • Sending the art lovers of Canberra on a mission for hidden art, watching them tiptoe around the city looking in every crevice, in the branches of trees and under park benches like they had very literally lost their minds. But more on this in a later post…
A beach? In the City? Why I don't mind if I do!

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