Upcoming – Pagan Pop

It’s a project that’s been brewing for a while, but my exhibition Pagan Pop is now just around the bend. I’m honoured to be working with nine incredible artists on the show: Celeste Aldahn, Tamara Dean, Julia deVille, Jessica Herrington, Robbie Karmel, Owen Lewis, Kate Rohde, Helen Shelley and Marian Tubbs.

Here’s how I’ve tried to explain myself:

Pagan Pop invokes a collective nostalgia for a time beyond memory and a fascination with the unknown possibilities of the universe; A desire for all things natural, mystical and primitive, for crystals, gold and glitter, feathers, fur and bones. Triggered by technological saturation, this shared longing influences the output of the masses, infiltrating art and culture before manifesting as pre-packaged pop-culture trend.

What can you expect? Lots of hypercolour, skulls and skeletons, feathers, fur, beads, flowers, leaves and branches, gold and silver, circles, triangles and a healthy dusting of glitter.

Image: Kate Rohde 'Rainbow Squirrel', courtesy of Karen Woodbury Gallery

The exhibition opens October 14th  at Canberra Contemporary Art Space. More details available through Facebook



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