Self-Important Milestones

While I was completely preoccupied with The Madness That Was I missed a lot. In particular a few birthdays of very patient and forgiving friends. I also missed THE SECOND BIRTHDAY OF THIS BLOG!! (pause for applause)

Well that two years went by quickly. But a lot of things have changed. Regulars will know that I am now a freelancer. But they may not know of what. And quite frankly sometimes I don’t really know either, mostly because what I’m doing doesn’t fit neatly under one label. But if you need a writer, curator, presenter, producer, reviewer, editor, copywriter, consultant or advocate then I’m your lady. When it comes to arts, culture and Canberra that is. I dunno about all the rest.

An exciting development for Useless Lines is that we (I) now have an office (desk)!! No really, an actual one, outside of the house. My hosts are design agency New Best Friend, the wonder women behind the lush You Are Here branding and printed program, so I am found in good company and fast internet.

Suggestions? Ideas? Procrastination?

Thanks readers


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