Art Madness

Goddam what has gotten into this city?! Proactive, productive…it’s sickening (don’t change).

The latest art madness off the ranks is this sprawling two-day affair, based out of the Phoenix – artsy haunt since year dot. Said affair is as much hyped for its name as its lineup, titled as it is ‘Hey dad can you pick me up from Josh’s, otherwise it’s like two buses’. All those who grew up in Canberra getting about by ACTION bus nod with a wry smile.

This here poster was designed by George, whose zines you will me remember me gushing over back when. Fellow fans will be glad to know the clever lass has updated her tumblr with some amazing new images, go HERE and marvel.

Visual arts wise, ‘Hey Dad’ includes Anja Loughhead, Annika Romeyn, Dean Butters, Lucinda Eva-May, Luke Penders, Patrick Larmour, Robbie Karmel, Stella-Rae Zelnik, Travis Heinrich and George of course. All for free. Goddam.

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