Horse. Herring.

The Red Herring Cafe is a new venue, exhibition space, lounge and, well, cafe nestled in the city centre. It’s pretty darn comfy and cute and if you haven’t yet checked it out I recommend you head there right away. But if you’re one of those folk who need an excuse then this Saturday night (Feb 5) is your time, with Dro Carey, Horse Macgyver and Shoeb Ahmad all playing, and the coffee and vegan cakes, er, flowing. Find the FB event page HERE (and a story about Red Herring can be found in the new edition of Exhibitionist, out tomorrow).

This is also a great excuse for me to share one of my favourite videos of late – Horse Macgyver’s performance of ‘Mothlight’ live from his car at last year’s Art School Ball. Hard to say if the car will return for Saturday’s outing, but if you never never go you’ll never never know. You’ll just have to watch it on Youtube later.

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