Where Am I?

So many hats to wear! And I don’t even look good in hats. 2011 finds me writing, editing, curating, writing, writing and working on a number of other projects that keep me awake of a night. In the words of Garth Algar, “I’m having a good time”. Hm.

The most exciting of these is coming up very quickly (very, very quickly) indeed: a ten-day festival of arts and underground culture right here in the Canberra CBD, of which I am assistant producer. Assistant, in fact, to the many-talented David Finnigan. Yes, the Finig – of Boho Interactive, Blind Dragonfly and ‘I started Crack Theatre Festival what have you done lately?’ fame. Tres excitement.

I won’t unveil much just now, suffice it to say we’re all gonna have a lot of fun. I will tease however, by offering you a tour through the soon-to-be festival HQ, guided by Finig himself.




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