The Century Club

Ah. My 100th post. In the absence of any better way to commemorate this non-event, and as a means of greeting some of my most recent readers, join me for a saunter down the haphazard streets of memory lane…

Uselesslines started off with plenty of rants, including bemoaning the pigeonholing of women in graphic design, whinging about exhibition titles and revealing the awful truth about arts writing (yet to be expanded upon).

To offset the rants I thought I might be able to, y’know, change the world or something, and offered some constructive advice in my Art School Survival Guide, and a brief rundown on Exhibition Opening Etiquette.

I’ve gushed about This Is Not Art, risked the future of my career by damming the Biennale of Sydney, and tooted my horn about plenty of artists and shows in between.

So happy 100 posts dear readers – without you this whole thing would be as useless as the name suggests.


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