Alexander Boynes – The Light Fantastic

A note to all Perth readers (Hi Ben!):

Genre-mashing Canberran artist Alexander Boynes unveils his solo exhibition Black Light this coming Friday at Linton & Kay Contemporary in Subiaco.

Boynes combines a painterly approach with photographic detail, printerly process with rebellious abandon, technical edge with seductive atmosphere and two-forty volts.

Perspex sheets are etched, painted and stenciled, embedded with fluorescent lights of various colours and layered to create light box constructions full of depth and intricate detailing.

The subject matter is largely figurative, centralizing on street scenes, places and faces yet stopping just short of reality to depict a voyeuristic dream-like vision of a world that never sleeps. Glowing lights in purple, white and pink beckon in the darkness and conjure a nocturnal realm with which we are familiar; fuelled by the human condition and fed by our imaginations.  It’s a blurry line, and detached figures float and fall as if viewed through a strobe, suspended like a Monday morning flashback.

Boynes’ undergrad studies in Gold & Silversmithing have afforded his practice with a technical finesse and predilection for material innovation but it is his connections to music, street art and other aspects of popular culture that inform his work on a conceptual level. This diversity of experience has settled into a completely unique practice, preventing him from becoming ensconced solely in the dry exclusivity of craft and design, or the boom crash of the trendy cutting edge.

Alexander Boynes – Black Light opens 6:30pm Friday September 17th at Linton & Kay Contemporary and continues until October 1st.

Alexander Boynes 'The Fall'



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