Love of Letters

Image: Jon Webster

Letters, the second instalment of nomadic ARI Here and There, took place last Friday complete with cosy fire, a giant pot of soup, beautiful people and beer a plenty. Hospitality at its best, no small thanks to hosts Kalina and Brendan (your living room made an amazing gallery!)

Text in art is a particular fondness of mine, I make no secret of that, so Letters was pretty much my dream exhibition. It was particularly good to see some more work from Jon Webster – an artist to keep an eye on as he finishes his undergrad in painting at the School of Art this year. In fact shows such as this one have me thinking that 2010 is going to be a really solid year for art school graduates. Consider this your early warning.

If you couldn’t make it on Friday then here’s the next best thing: an impromptu fireside interview with Dan Edwards and Shellaine Godbold (Here & There masterminds). Check it out HERE

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