Here and There. Then and Now.

I can change - Poppy Malik
Poppy Malik 'I Can Change'

Local art collaborative Here and There are going their own way. Tackling ongoing issues of space availability in Canberra the Here and There crew have turned to the humble home as a venue for their DIY exhibitions.

The inaugural exhibition Not Yet featured Helen Braund, Daniel Edwards and Jennifer Edmunds, and now they present Poppy Malik, Jonathan Webster, Helani Laisk and Stedman Watts in Letters, a love-letter to words and art. Swoon!

The opening is this coming Friday the 10th of September at 6pm, but as the venue is somebody’s home I don’t think I’ll put the address here. It’s happening in the Inner North but I suggest you skip across to their Facebook group to get full details, or check out their lovely website HERE

Hats off to Here and There for getting out and making things happen – anyone who has ever complained about having no resources, no space and no money should perhaps take note and take another angle. Maybe the answer is right under your nose.

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