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  1. Bow wow. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who does like this logo. I have tried to understand it. Perhaps they were trying to emulate the current GIO logo in order to generate more corporate sponsorship, or maybe it is simply a tactile response to art; boiling it down to a circle, square and triangle. It certainly works for dogs. Personally I think the logo indicates a level of illiteracy, which of course, us puppies in the know understand, this infliction starts at the top.

    But, who are we to criticise? The mere public wouldn’t know better. And it is best not to think how much the design consultation cost…. ouch! That’s a question perhaps the Senate can ask…

    But in general it would seem the NGA has trouble with typography overall. Certainly the exhibition signage lessens the grandeur of the new galleries. For example, one wonders what they were thinking when they erected the clumsy lettering of the Gandel Hall. A last minute rush job perhaps? Crazy when you think the Director personally chose each and every one of the floor boards. Surely they should have gone with something a little more elegant in line with the gold leaf doors.

    At least in the galleries you know where you are. The Gallery shop could sell a line of pre-packaged wall signage for the visitor to take home; ‘Kitchen’, ‘Bathroom,’ ‘Toilet’, ‘Dog House’; just so we can locate ourselves domestically.


    • Wall signage for sale in the shop? Brilliant. It is, after all, the most often heard complaint when wandering around the place.


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