Autumnal Collective

Photo: Sarah Kaur

For whatever reason I decided from the outset that this blog was going to be dedicated only to visual art in Canberra. As I write this I realise I’m not even sure what ‘visual art’ really means, but rules and categories make the world and a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.


Recently I attended ‘Exciting A Blush’ by new performance collective Autumnal. It was an amazing debut work that refuses to slot neatly into any one genre or discipline, so that probably makes it closer to art than anything else. In short it made me incredibly excited about performative work, and now I can’t seem to stop going to theatre and dance or music because you never know when the next penny is going to drop. So thank you Autumnal for the renewed inspiration.

My review of ‘Exciting A Blush’ appears in the current issue of BMA, and if you haven’t yet got yourself a copy you can have a squiz online HERE



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  1. Love this blog, Canberra has been in need of something this fantastic, intelligent and inspired for a long time!
    Will be a regular for me for sure


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