Canberra Low Life In Brisbane

If the Canberra-centric artwork in my previous post (courtesy of one Lee Grant) struck your fancy then this might do it for you too:

Canberra Contemporary Art Space Director David Broker is exercising his curatorial prowess with his new exhibition Canberra: Low Life. This expose of the city and people that exist behind the public service veneer has only one catch – it’s on show in Brisbane. Too bad for us and all the better for any lucky Queenslanders reading this now.

For Canberra: Low Life Broker is bringing together photomedia powerhouses Samantha Small, Simon Scheuerle, Erica Hurrell and TJ Phillipson. Each artist turns the camera onto their sleepy hometown with varying results; some humorous, some unsettling, some poignant and some ridiculous. The collected work reveals a Canberra that is many things, but not many  it is known for.

Canberra: Low Life opens on September 25th and continues until October 24th at the Queensland Centre for Photography in Brisbane.

PS. I promise never to use the word Canberra so many times in one post again.

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