Straight Outta Canberra – Lee Grant

Where has Lee Grant been all my life? This Canberran photographer is my latest art crush, and it’s serious.

Grant recently completed a Masters from the ANU School of Art and I can’t believe I missed her graduate exhibition. Art fail of the year. She triumphs in that special brand of social documentary photography that so many try to do and so many do so badly. At Grant’s hand the latent beauty of our seemingly inconsequential surroundings is exposed, the collected images telling uncomfortable truths about the world we inhabit and think we know.

Grant’s reccent series Belco Pride will be very close to home for Canberrans – an amazing body of work  inspired by the fervent home turf loyalty of our sprawling populace’s outer suburbs. There’s a great slideshow featuring a selection of the Belco Pride images along with an interview with Grant HERE. And I highly recommend you take a look at the other incredible portfolios on Grant’s website Be warned however, it might be love for you too.

Lee Grant from the series 'Belco Pride' (2008-2010)



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