Heads Up – Canberra Museum & Gallery

Steven Holland 'Monaro' 2001

I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming exhibition at Canberra Museum & Gallery: Something In The Air – Collage and Assemblage in Canberra Region Art.

The show opens this coming Friday and reads like a text book on the Canberra art scene of the past few decades. The sizable list of names includes Rosalie Gascoigne, Neil Roberts, Vivienne Binns, Marie Hagerty, Steven Holland, Waratah Lahy, Richard Larter, Derek O’Connor, Danie Mellor and Peter Vandermark. With artists of this calibre one gets the feeling it’s a show that’s going to be good for our collective self-esteem.

For more info on the show and related events check out the CMAG website HERE

C’mon Friday


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  1. You said it, this show has been a super-swell ego-boost for our little bubbling mass of makers… I have to say, its one of the most exciting shows CMAG has curated, all be it a little jam-packed in their space! But I suppose it is reciprocal to the nature of the work, being a healthy mash of materials, techniques and signs (in the semiotic sense.)


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