Do Not Give Up

Being bandied about for the upcoming Biennale of Sydney, and striking a chord with me, is the manifesto of Polish artist/curator Ryszard Wasko

Poem for the rose (1981)

Do not support the art of politicians or economists

Do not support power manias of any kind

Do not accept coercion

Do not wage intrigues, battles, manipulations or hidden manoeuvres

Do not keep up malcontents and destruction

Do not support of any fight of one artist against another artist

Do not destroy anonymous travelling artists

Do not praise any art which is not the result of artistic work

Do not share the view that one artist must eat more than another artist

Do not think that everything what you make is art

Do not say that you were born at the wrong time

Do not assume the existence of west-east or south-north animals

Do not accede to division of dogs into nations or states

Do not repeat: my home is my castle

Do not rejoice in people’s downfall

Do not say that you have troubles of your own

Do not let anyone pat you on the back

Do not await dole or charity

Do not proceed after anything or anywhere at all costs

Do not allow a low level of consciousness

Do not use the word: provincial-modern, old-new, traditional-civilized

Do not bless artistic mafias, clans or syndicates

Do not support doctrines, leaders or commandants

Do not give up

– Ryszard Wasko

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