LMFAO – TJ Phillipson at CCAS Manuka

Last night TJ Phillipson unveiled his second solo exhibition in the space of four months – There Is Fire Down Below. Despite this brutal turnaround time he has managed to draw together another show of never-before seen, staggeringly well executed and searingly smart ideas. The bastard.

Where his December show Semblance was brooding and streamlined, this new suite of works is irreverence exemplified. All but shrugging off the photomedia moniker Phillipson presents us with three as well as two dimensional works, while the digital prints and video that are included build upon previous bodies of work.

The uniting force behind these otherwise disparate artworks is a straight-faced and self-deprecating humour that could be easily missed or misconstrued. It becomes difficult to tell if Phillipson loves or hates the notion of art, or maybe loves to hate it, or hates to love it. And he doesn’t aim to help you figure it out.

At Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka until March 21st



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