OMG It’s Blaze 4

TJ Phillipson video still from '101 Ways To Make Contemporary Art'

As I adjust the final lighting and pack away the tools I can’t resist letting you know that Blaze 4 opens tomorrow night at Canberra Contemporary Art Space Gorman House and it is looking mighty fine.

For the unenlightened, Blaze is an annual show-off show case of emerging artistic talents in Canberra, and, well, it’s the second most amazing art event of the year after the School of Art graduate exhibition. There. I said it.

This year you will find Richard Blackwell, Jacqueline Bradley, Skylen Dall, Benjamin Forster, Rachael Freeman, Erica Hurrell, Robbie Karmel, Sarah Kaur, Tye McBride, TJ Phillipson and last but so very far from least, Adam Veikkanen.

The only clue I’ll give about the work is that if you’ve been trying to purchase scotch tape in Canberra over the past few months and can’t find it anywhere then you’re about to find out why.

Come along tomorrow evening from 6pm, or venture in before the 1st of April.



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