When Exhibition Titles Attack!

As the silly season descends on us, and I begin to suffer from cultural exhaustion (when you have had it up to the eyeballs with art, theatre, music, dance and pretty much anything credible and creative, and just want to vegetate on the couch reading Who Weekly and watching Neighbours), Uselesslines becomes notably less informative and interesting.

In the coming weeks, if I can hold it together, I promise a full wrap-up of The Year That Was in art. For now, a taster. I present to you my top five worst exhibition titles of 2009 (and please note, this is not necessarily a reflection of the quality of exhibition itself):


Soft Sculpture at the National Gallery of Australia

‘Soft’ as in a pushover? Well I actually though it was quite good.


Misty Moderns At the National Gallery of Australia, courtesy of the Gallery of South Australia

The perfect name – for a swatch of fabric in a furniture store maybe.


Korean Dreams at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Sounding rather more like a dubious website than a civilised exhibition of Korean artwork


the idea of [(n)t+f(n)(q)] at the Australian National University

I’m sorry, I gave up on mathematics in primary school and this looks more like an equation to me. Try giving that a plug on the radio.


Fibre, Naturally at the Belconnen Arts Centre

If this was a cereal, great! As an exhibition title…hmm.

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