The Way We Were

The most recent issue of Realtime Magazine features an incredible article by Gavin Findlay – Here Be Dragons: Canberra Performance Then and Now Part 1. Findlay explores the phenomena that was the Canberra arts community of the 80s to mid 90s, with particular focus on performative, cross discipline work and the legendary Splinters Theatre of Spectacle. The entire thing has me reaching for the tissues and wishing I was born ten or twenty years earlier.

Findlay asks:

It is the loss of such artistic power that makes it important to examine why and how Canberra gave rise to such a flourishing: what were the conditions that supported it? Could such conditions be created again?

Do yourself a favour and read the full article here. Part 2 of Findlay’s article will be in the upcoming Realtime.



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  1. Thanks for the kind words, part II has just been published in RT94. It looks as though some good things may have come from it all too.


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