BYO Public Art

Public art. It’s so tedious. Not so much the artworks themselves, but the circus that surrounds them. Any mention of public art in Canberra is met with much beating of the breast and tearing of the hair. Taxpayers sob about their hard-earned dollars lost, politicians jump into the fray, and all of a sudden some crappy little sculpture is front page news and everyone’s a critic.

That is why it was so refreshing to see someone side-stepping all of this to take public art into their own hands earlier this year:

The Milk Crate Man sneakily appeared one night to hold court over the city, until he was sadly removed a week later. He caught me by surprise while I was walking through Garema Place, and, well, pretty much made my day. Isn’t this part of what public art should be about?

He surprised everyone by reappearing in the same location late last week, this time lolling upside down, before disappearing once again. Who was responsible for him? Why couldn’t he stay?

Pictures from RiotACT, where you can find the original coverage. Perhaps public art should be less bureaucracy and more BYO?

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