TiNA Day 3: ‘Do It All’

A slow start today – thanks for nothing daylight savings!


First up is my panel – Review Review. I am assembled with three other arts reviewers and we spend an hour nutting out our purpose for being. It’s good to question yourself sometimes, but whether or not it was of any value to our audience is anyone’s guess. I can say that I had fun. Hi to Simon and Mark from The Perf and Dee from The Brag for being great fellow panelists!



Question: Can you take in the entire of the TiNA zine fair in only one hour? Answer: no, but I tried. I wish I had at least half the day to peruse the wares at this sprawling wonder mart. I spend my time wandering around in awe of how productive people are. I become a little overwhelmed. I acquire no zines.


I trip my way down hazardous hills to the Renew Church for a presentation about the Renew Newcastle scheme. This project has made a big impact on TiNA, and the city centre itself, seeing DIY organisations and events able to utilise many of the disused buildings around town. What I learn is so interesting and so inspiring that I am going to devote a whole other post to it. Sorry, you’ll just have to wait.


Talk about leaving things to the last minute! I make it back to the China Club just in time for John Kilduff’s final TiNA performance…



Kilduff himself is every bit as satisfying live as I had hoped he would be. Jogging doggedly away on the treadmill within the China Club ‘fishbowl’ Kilduff throws around fruit and paint whilst preaching ‘creativity and multitasking’ like a deranged prophet. He is so enigmatic that his accompanists (a range of performers including Tim Dwyer and members of Bum Creek) become somewhat superfluous – I feel that Kilduff would be even more magnetic and fully in his element were he on his own in the space. As weird as it is (and it is truly bizarre) Let’s Paint TV Live is surprisingly uplifting – ‘do it all’, the Kilduff mantra, is ringing in my ears all the way home.

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