First Time At TINA


As of Thursday I am setting off on a mighty mission to Newcastle to attend the annual This Is Not Art festival. Every year I mean to go, and every year I don’t, but thankfully this year I gave myself the good kick in the pants I needed.

I’m looking forward to cheering along the many Canberra artists and acts that are making the trek up, including the raggamuffin raconteurs Mr. Fibby, the first lady of the flesh Min Mae, diabolical genius Ben Forster, and wunderkind Tim Dwyer who is accompanying cult madman John Kilduff aka Mr. Let’s Paint, all the way from the USA. Aside from these, judging by the mammoth program, there’s stacks of new weird and wonderful people, places and things for me to uncover. If anyone has any recommendations or any nuggets of advice to share with a first-time TINA goer then I would love to hear them.

I am also guesting on a panel on Sunday afternoon, entitled Review Review, in which I will be attempting to argue the cause of reviewing the arts – so come along and watch me flounder..

If you can’t be there, stay tuned and I will deliver you a first-timers view of TINA: highs and lows, winners and losers and the perils of spending seven hours on a coach with no neck pillow.

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